Tango SaloN Winnipeg

$5 Saturday Night Tango
Every Saturday at 7:30 PM
Opens January 12, 2019

7:30 –8:30 PM
Beginner classes for people who have never danced before. Join the class at any time, no registration necessary.
Practica for Intermediate level dancers

8:30–11:00 PM
No partner necessary. 

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Tango Salon Winnipeg offers Saturday night classes for people who have never danced before and intermediate level classes for dancers who want to improve their skills and musicality in a beautiful dance studio.

No partner necessary.

Everyone is welcome to take classes and participate in the ‘Milonga’ – the social dance of the tango, following the lessons.



We offer classes at Drop In Dance Winnipeg on 1381 Portage Avenue (near Rae and Jerry’s). Drop In Dance Winnipeg provides dance studios for various groups and instructors.



Drop-in classes are only $5

Our goal is to grow the tango community in Winnipeg by offering affordable Saturday night lessons. Please note that Tango Salon Winnipeg is operated by a volunteer group of tango enthusiasts. All funds go towards space rental, promotional costs, and special events. Please give generously if you are able.

Who we are

Tango Salon Winnipeg is a group of tango enthusiasts who love to get together, dance, and teach. We promote an inclusive, friendly atmosphere, in a setting that is both welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. After all, tango is about connecting and enjoying a beautiful experience.

What to wear

For your first class, dress comfortably in shoes with no treads or heavy grip.


Beginner and Intermediate classes begin at 7:30 PM Saturdays

The ‘Milonga’ (social dance of the tango) begins after the classes and everyone is welcome to stay, especially beginners! The Milonga is a time to practice new dance steps and meet other dancers in the Winnipeg tango community!

But, you don’t have to dance – you are welcome to watch and listen to the beautiful music and experience the beauty of tango.

Feel free to let us know that you will be dropping in for a class. We look forward to meeting you!

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In the world of tango, ‘salon’ means a place for dancing, enjoying music, and socializing. In Argentina it is associated with ‘ballrooms’ or milonga halls.

It is also a style of tango dancing, very different from ballroom tango. Watch this video of one of our visiting instructors from Argentina to see an example of Salon Tango.

Visiting teachers from Argentina

Weekly teachers at Tango Salon Winnipeg enjoy passing on their knowledge and experience. Whenever possible, tango intensives are organized with professional teachers from Argentina to further our development as a community.

2019 Tango Intensive
March 13–24, 2019

Please join us for a tango intensive with world-class Argentine tango teachers Alberto Sendra and Fernanda Japas.

Detailed information TBA. Everyone Welcome! No partner necessary!

About tango music

At Tango Salon Winnipeg, our DJ’s provide music from all periods of tango’s rich history, with an emphasis on the classic dance period of the 1930s to the 1950s.

Early tango music is a mix of European styles and rhythms that melded in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay. The distinctive bandoneon sound was added by 1900, and by 1920 tango was a worldwide sensation. After 1960, tango was revitalized by avant-garde composers. Tango reconquered the world in the 1980s and it is more popular than ever today, with many different variations of musical and dance styles. Throughout the history of the tango, the unique, emotional lyrics and style of singing has remained constant, always demanding the most of the listener and the dancer.

What is a Milonga?

The social dance of the tango is called a ‘Milonga.’ Pairs dance in a line of dance counter-clockwise on the floor. You’ll dance with different partners throughout the night. Normally songs are grouped into ‘tandas’ of three songs, separated by a short ‘cortina.’ It’s all pretty simple, and you can always ask questions.

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