Tango Salon Winnipeg



$5 Saturday night tango

February 23 at BerMax Café

Please join us for a beautiful night of Tango
8:00 to Midnight

Grand Milonga at BerMax Cafe, 1800 Corydon
Please note that this event replaces our usual lesson at Drop In Dance

Entrance fee $5
Featuring tango music by DJ Giovanni
Bar and kitchen will be open
Beginners welcome. No partner necessary.
Invite your friends and family to listen to the beautiful music of Argentina!

8:00–8:30 tango basics and warm-up for people who have never danced before
8:30–Midnight Grand Milonga (Tango Dance)

See you all there!

I can’t thank you enough for reaching out. We had the most wonderful time! You were all so welcoming.
— Beginner

2019 Tango Intensive March 15–25

World-class Argentine tango teachers Alberto Sendra and Fernanda Japas will be back for a two week workshop. Full schedule TBA.

We will keep you posted on all our events through Facebook or our Events page.

Practising tango.

Practising tango.

This is a blast and what a great dance floor!
— Tango Dancer
Women’s tango technique.

Women’s tango technique.

Men’s tango technique.

Men’s tango technique.


‘Salon’ Tango

In the world of tango, ‘salon’ means a place for dancing, enjoying music, and socializing but it is also a style of tango dancing, very different from ballroom tango. Watch this video of one of our visiting instructors from Argentina to see an example of salon style tango.


Warm up exercises.

Warm up exercises.


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Our beautiful dance space. Thank you Drop In Dance Winnipeg!